The Great Court at The University of Queensland, St Lucia – Part 2

The Great Court at The University of Queensland, St Lucia – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the All You Can View Great Court Buffet.  Part 1 can be viewed here.

For a description of The Great Court Complex, including all the building names, we used the Heritage Register entry, and this is a good time to thank the Heritage Register staff for posting all that minty-flavoured goodness about one of Brisbane’s jewels in the crown.

The Great Court Complex is set on the high ground in the centre of a site enclosed by Cemetery Reach, a bend in the Brisbane River, on the northern, eastern and southern sides, and St Lucia, a residential suburb, on the west. The Court, approximately semicircular in plan with eight unequal sides, is an open grassed space planted intermittently with trees and shrubs and intersected by an axially placed path. The perimeter of the court consists of a continuous colonnade that links five detached buildings, all clad in Helidon sandstone of varying colours ranging from rich purples through to creams and browns. The largest of these, forming the long northern side of the court, is really a complex of three attached buildings. It consists of the centrally located Forgan Smith Building, flanked by the Michie Building at the western end and Duhig Library to the east. The other buildings which face onto the central court are, moving around the perimeter clockwise from the Duhig Library, the Steele Building, the Richards Building, the Parnell Building and the Goddard Building.

Also, check out Forgan-Smith to Forgan-Smith – a 360 gallery of the Great Court.  You know you can’t resist. After all, what’s not to love about Helidon sandstone? Hmm?

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