The Great Court at The University of Queensland, St Lucia – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the All You Can View Great Court Buffet.  Part 1 can be viewed here.

For a description of The Great Court Complex, including all the building names, we used the Heritage Register entry, and this is a good time to thank the Heritage Register staff for posting all that minty-flavoured goodness about one of Brisbane’s jewels in the crown. Continue reading

The Great Court at The University of Queensland, St Lucia – Part 1

Queensland University, the state’s first university, was established in legislation in 1909, and according to the Qld Heritage Register, commemorates Qld’s 50th anniversary as a State. The following information is taken from the Heritage Register page for The Great Court.

There was a lot of buggering about before construction on the St Lucia site began in 1935, and building continued on the Great Court until 1979. Benefactors, Mary Emilia Mayne and her brother, Dr James O’Neil Mayne, donated the enormous sum of 50,000 pounds to get the ball rolling rather well. You can read about the Mayne family – a curious and interesting clan – in a great book by Rosamond Siemon, titled, The Mayne Inheritance. Highly recommended.

The Premier of the day hoped the project would spur employment during the Great Depression, and indeed, he has a Great Court building named after him, Forgan Smith, which you’ll see in this and the other galleries. Continue reading