Stephen Wiltshire at the State Library of Queensland – Brisbane Panorama

Stephen Wiltshire at the State Library of Queensland – Brisbane Panorama

City of Images attended Stephen Wiltshire’s extraordinary drawing event at the State Library of Queensland in November, 2011.  We were there on Stephen’s final day and were lucky enough to view the last hours and completion of his project.

After a helicopter tour of the city, Stephen began to draw on Saturday, November 26 at 10am and finished his Brisbane cityscape at 11.14am on Tuesday, November 29 (Brisbane EST), 2011.  How can we be so precise?  The mighty little Canon DSLR registered the details for us.

Even though it’s 2013, City of Images is about recording Brisbane’s significant and decisive moments.  Witnessing a great artist completing and signing his name to such a wonderful work of art represents a lovely cluster of those moments.  We think it deserves as much attention as it can get, and the following gallery is one small contribution to acknowledging the cultural history of our city of seemingly infinite images.

You can see Stephen’s work at his official website, and if you use the search term Brisbane on his site, you’ll find some interesting pages devoted to Stephen’s stay here, including a time lapse video of the event.  Stephen has led a very interesting life, and his childhood is well worth reading about.  As he says on his blog page devoted to the Brisbane project, “Remember, everybody, ‘Do the best you can and never stop.’  With all my love, Stephen Wiltshire.”  Good advice.

Enjoy the gallery.

P.S.  The State Library advised that, during the event, Stephen listened to a compilation of ’70s soul, Motown, funk, ’80s and noughties pop.  Just in case you were wondering.


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