SPRUKE Part 3 – Even More Ukey Goodness!

SPRUKE Part 3 – Even More Ukey Goodness!

Hey there happy ukers, here is our third gallery from the recent SPRUKE Festival.  If you haven’t already checked them out, try Part One and Part Two for extra bonus minty freshness, and actual educational material about the humble yet proud ukulele.

Again, in view of the tradition of two already completed, here is yet another entertaining in the extremous video, this time of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and their rendition (you’ll want to call it extraordinary rendition after you hear it) of Shaft:

Enjoy the gallery while you listen:

5 thoughts on “SPRUKE Part 3 – Even More Ukey Goodness!

  1. Another fabulous collection of images I LOVE the tribute to the Hawaiian Shirts …what a Ukulele festival without them!
    Big fan of UOOGB as well they were the first to give us a public endorsement for the SPRUKE Festival….. you can check it out here http://youtu.be/iFwR1g0l2DU.
    Thanks for sharing the Uke Luv!

    • The Hawaiian shirts were standouts, weren’t they? I especially like the one with the VWs and surfboards – memories of my old red Bug too long ago to mention. And yes, I love the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain – they’re fantastic – such power and grace from such a simple but marvellous instrument.

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