From Mahjong to the Lord Mayor: Mitchelton Library Re-Opens – Part 1

From Mahjong to the Lord Mayor: Mitchelton Library Re-Opens – Part 1

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.  Marcus Tullius Cicero

The Mitchelton Library re-opening in Brisbane’s inner north-west got away to a chilly start early on Saturday, June 15, but was warmed up considerably by the goodwill of everyone who attended.

The library’s Team Leader, Julie Tree, guided us all through an entirely enjoyable day of festivities in the new library of light and glass, ably assisted and supported by library staffers including Stephen, Kathy, Belza, Sally, Orima, Katrina, Kelly, and Kylie. (If we’ve forgotten anyone, please let us know so we can include everyone who contributed).

Radio broadcaster Phil Smith and his guest gurus – gardening expert, Annette McFarlane, and food consultant, Alison Alexander – kicked things off at 6am on ABC Local Radio with their usual astute advice about, yes, gardening and food.

Annette also presented workshops in the new community citrus grove, located at the front of the library near the Heliopolis Street entrance. The grove will be maintained by the newly formed Mitchelton Organic Gardeners group and includes a range of herbs in addition to the citrus trees.

Alison lent her considerable talents to cooking breakfast, conducting a workshop about cooking with citrus, and preparing morning tea for the ravening hordes. City of Images managed to acquire a couple of Alison’s recipes for you, and you can find them on Part 2 of our feature on the library.

The day, while a tad cold, was sunny and fine and attracted large crowds inside and out, who enjoyed browsing the stacks, reading the latest papers (in comfortable armchairs), surfing the interwebz, listening to music and story-telling, viewing the exhibition from the Indigenous Art Mobile Art Gallery (Indig-N-Arts), and participating in the various activities spread throughout the morning. The contemporary library knows no bounds and Mitchelton is no exception. As the Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk, noted in his official opening speech, the library is “a focal hub for the Mitchelton community.”

One of the great value-adding features of the new library – and there are many – is the outdoor deck, with tables and chairs and a future coffee cart (tenders are being called very soon if not already). The L-shaped deck overlooks Sid Loder Park and promises to be a popular venue for caffeine slaves, readers in general and anyone else with the good taste to attend, sit, sip, and relax.

Indoors, the library has a new children’s library, called Cafe Mitchy, and just across the aisle is an Interactive Table resembling an outrageously large iPad, hereafter known on this site as the OLi. Both the children’s library and the OLi were hits with those both small and large of hand and height.

A number of local community groups who hold regular meetings at the library were present to celebrate the re-opening and included the Enoggera and Districts Historical Society Inc., the Purls Knitting Group, and the Western and Eastern Mahjong groups. You can find out more about events and meetings at Mitchelton Library by checking the Brisbane City Council’s Library events calendar.

The library, including the children’s library, was officially re-opened by Brisbane’s Lord Mayor, the Right Honourable Graham Quirk, who was introduced by the Manager of Library Services for the BCC, Ms Sharan Harvey. Other local politicians also in attendance were Ms Jane Prentice, MP, Federal Member for Ryan, Mr Tim Mander, MLA, Minister for Housing and Public Works, Mr Andrew Wines, Brisbane City Councillor for the Enoggera Ward and Deputy Chair of the Brisbane Lifestyle Committee, and Ms Krista Adams, Brisbane City Councillor for the Wishart Ward and Chair of the Brisbane Lifestyle Committee.

After all that, we hope you enjoy Part 1 of our two part series on the Mitchelton Library. We loved it so much, we’ve also prepared a separate feature gallery on the Indigenous Art Mobile Art Gallery exhibition.

In part 2, there are recipes from Alison Alexander, and a little library history from Mesopotamia, along with a few salient quotations. When too much luscious library loveliness just isn’t enough.


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